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Barely-Touched 1928 Mediterranean in Hancock Park

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Ah, it's that old mixed blessing: "Offered for the first time in over 50 years, and virtually untarnished since original construction." In the case of this 1928 house in Hancock Park, designed by George A. Sullivan, it looks to be for the better--sure, it's not super shiny, but there are some pretty fantastic-looking materials intact (That kitchen! Lose the cabinets, found a cult devoted to the tiles.). The house comes with five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a formal dining room, a wood-paneled family room, a hand-painted breakfast room, a sun porch, a butler's pantry, a loggia, original stained glass, plus a third of an acre with fruit trees and a fishpond (and "a pool-sized yard"). There's also a two-car garage with full chauffeur's quarters. Asking price is $2.495 million.
· 109 S Las Palmas Ave [Zillow]
· 109 South Las Palmas Avenue - HANCOCK PARK []