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Expo Line's Culver City, Farmdale Stations Open June 20

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The Culver City terminus for Expo Line Phase I opens at long last to the public in just over two weeks, specifically at noon on June 20, Metro announced today via press release. Also opening is the at-grade Farmdale station, adjacent to Dorsey High School. The elevated Culver City station sits above the edge of DTCC, a quick walk to the Helms Bakery complex and not too far from Culver City's restaurant-laden downtown (there's also plenty of commuter parking and numerous CC-adjacent developments on the way, including this, this, and this). There were plans for a free shuttle for those who don't want to make the half-mile walk to central DTCC, but no word on that in the release. Many of those restaurants will offer specials during the June 20 opening, as that date coincides with DTCC's Third Wednesday "Summer Solstice" Happy Hour. Expo rides will be free for those getting on at Culver City and Farmdale, the latter of which was built as a California Public Utilities Commission-mandated compromise between the Expo Construction Authority and locals nervous about the train crossing at-grade near Dorsey (the station necessitates the train stop completely before crossing Farmdale Avenue). Ten days later, the Valley's Orange Line busway extension opens and after that it'll be at least three years before LA sees another big transit project open for business (so get your jollies now).
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