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Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council Doing Battle With Density

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This just in: some people don't like density, even transit-oriented density! The latest example of neighborhood opposition comes from Boyle Heights, where the neighborhood council has approved a motion that would give the area more tools to resist new density. According to Streetsblog, the motion, as approved by the NC's Planning and Land Use Committee, would "preserve the 'existing character of the community,' by demanding traffic data, allotting parking space for automobiles and limiting high density developments." Apparently some voices on the committee would rather the neighborhood return to its more single-family residence-oriented past. One member, for instance, thinks that since the arrival of the Gold Line Eastside Extension, the neighborhood is going to hell in a hand basket, telling Streetsblog: "Now with light rail coming in . . . more and more we are seeing the traffic coming in and we don't have the infrastructure to support it. When you double that with the lack of parking, it's choking off the economic wealth of the community, as well as the physical well being." Streetsblog lists a number of projects coming on line in the near future that might have set off the locals--a list that includes the awesome Boyle Hotel project expected to open this summer. The NC's anti-density motion will still have to be vetted by the city.
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