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Early Sixties Time Capsule in Crestwood Hills By Benton Park

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While the names A. Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith are typically the ones that get bandied about in relation to Brentwood's Crestwood Hills neighborhood, this new listing in the celebrated architectural enclave brings a less familiar name into the mix: Benton Park. Per the listing, Park designed the North Kenter Avenue residence in 1962, a year after the Bel Air fire destroyed 45 of the development's original houses. Sited on a .4 acre lot, the property features three bedrooms, two baths, walls of glass, beamed ceilings, two raised fireplaces, built-in storage, panoramic views, and an "additional permitted detached bedroom or office and bath with separate entrance." Last sold in 1989 for $840,000, it's now asking $1.46 million.
· 1220 N KENTER Ave [Redfin]