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Bel Air House Kirk Douglas Builds in Strangers When We Meet

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In the 1960 film Strangers When We Meet, Kirk Douglas plays an architect hired to design a house for Ernie Kovacs; he also has an extramarital affair with Kim Novak and they have their melodramatic final meeting at the completed house (see it on YouTube here). The filmmakers apparently used a real house to play that house and here it is, fifty years later and with a thorough update by architect Leslie Armstrong, according to the listing. It doesn't bear a whole lot of resemblance to the movie house, but now has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, built-ins, and a rooftop garden. It also sits on more than two acres. The fabulous Dear Old Hollywood blog has more info on the locations used in Strangers When We Meet, which was shot all over the Westside. Asking price for the bastardized version of Kirk-Douglas-the-architect's house is $4.995 million.
· 930 CHANTILLY Rd [Redfin]