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West LA Nabe Council Wants to Kill Expo-Adjacent Apartments

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In its latest newsletter, the West LA Neighborhood Council and its Planning and Land Use Committee announce they will take up the issue of the huge mixed-use project planned by the Expo Line station at Sepulveda. Developer Casden wants to build a mixed-user with 538 units and 260,000 square feet of retail on the site of a concrete factory. Yup, it's big, but it's literally next to the light rail stop and comes with 2,000 parking spots so no one would dare to park on the street (the horror!). The WLANC has some specific recommendations for Casden. Number one: "no residential component." Yup, none. The others: "Preservation of scarce, jobs generating, Westside industrial land. A downsized physical presence with step backs and setbacks adjacent to residential and other neighboring properties. A parking structure; bus/rail transfer station; and pedestrian/bicycle amenities. A plan with mitigations for maintaining long term small business presence along Pico and Sepulveda. A more thorough traffic study and mitigation plan than in the [draft environmental impact report]. A plan for mitigation of regional traffic impacts, particularly for funding the grade separation of the Expo Line at Sepulveda Blvd. A public park component and/or mitigation funds for regional open space." The nabe council will discuss their desires at tomorrow's meeting at 7 pm at the West LA Municipal Building on Corinth.
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