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Holy Cow: Grove Developer Planning Retail Project at Los Feliz Post Office Site

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Things just got reeeeeeeal interesting in Los Feliz, where Caruso Affiliated--the people behind Euro Disney outposts The Grove and Americana at Brand--is eyeing the current site of the Los Feliz Post Office on Vermont, just south of Franklin (and the House of Pies). The company's Brian Cornelius presented plans to a neighborhood group recently, reports the Los Feliz Ledger: "The completed project will be approximately 50,000 square feet, including a relocated post office with retail and restaurants selected and managed by Caruso Affiliated." It would also add parking and downsize the post office by a third. Before the USPS moved in in 1975, that west side of the street was just as happening as the east side (home to Figaro, Fred 62, and the Los Feliz 3), and Caruso's hoping to bring that action back (so no giant walls to the street?). Cornelius made several assurances that while the project "must be additive to the Caruso 'brand'," it would also have to have "Los Feliz Village's unique neighborhood flavor."

Caruso will work with the USPS and has already started talking to the local congresspeople, however the project may have to be opened up for competitive bidding (early community support could give Caruso a competitive advantage there).

Los Feliz Village is one neighborhood that has long managed to hold onto independent businesses and resist major development, like the planned apartments/Whole Foods at the site of the old Brown Derby on Hillhurst.
· CORRECTION: The Grove’s Developers Eyeing Post Office [Los Feliz Ledger]