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Touring Taalman Koch Architecture's Backyard Plug-In House

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The Saturday before last, Dwell on Design held the second of three (three!) home tours, covering several prefab houses. We've already seen the Eastside Home Tour: here, here, and here--now onto the prefabs. (Stay tuned for photos from the Westside Home tour, held this past weekend.)

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Plug and go additions! Taalman Koch Architecture's Backyard Plug-In is really just that--a 750 square foot, elevated addition that "simply plugs into the house with minimal alterations required to the existing structure." This one in Santa Monica is hooked up to a 1940s house and holds a new kitchen and living room (the main house was renovated and now holds all the private areas); the old and new are bridged by a deck. And for any prefab wonks in the crowd, the new addition "is a hybrid prefabricated structure using Blue Sky Building Systems structural steel frame and insulated wall panels and the itHouse glazing system."
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