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Orange Line Busway Extension and Bike Lane Debut Tomorrow

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We're cutting out a little early for a summer Friday. Have a great weekend everyone! Meet you back here tomorrow.

THE VALLEY: Metro's overachieving underdog, the Orange Line busway extension, opens for business tomorrow and rides will be free all weekend (dedicated busways in the Metro system are given colors like rail lines). The existing 14-mile busway runs from North Hollywood to Warner Center; the new extension will take it four miles up (from the Canoga station) to the Chatsworth Metrolink station. And unlike some rail lines we could name, the Orange Line extension came in on time and under budget--according to the LA Times, it'll be about $62 million cheaper than expected.

Also exciting is the new bike/pedestrian path that runs along the extension and links up with the rest of the line's bike path for what is "being billed as the longest 'transit-adjacent' bikeway of its kind in Los Angeles County," according to the website of County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky (it's actually already open and apparently in heavy use). The path has dedicated lane for bikers and walkers, but also some "multiuse" areas. Zev's site says landscaping should be going in soon. [LAT/Zev Yaroslavsky]