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New Rich Person Summer Spot: Oxnard, the Montauk of LA

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The Hollywood Reporter declares that $70,000 a month Malibu rentals are fine and all, but the cool kids (you know, like Dave Grohl and...Pat Sajak) are now heading up the coast to Oxnard. Oxnard! Here's a little New Yorkist explainer from Keller Williams real estate agent Susan Blau: "If this were back east, Oxnard would be Montauk and Malibu would be East Hampton." THR says Oxnard is great because the beaches are relatively wide, it's cheaper than "more well-known communities" (one agent says "a stunning home" comes in at $2.5 to $3 million), and it's pretty under the radar and therefore not packed. So there's no Nobu, but, as one agent puts it: "you are not going to run into your boss, or someone who is going to pitch something to you." (On the other hand, the LA-aping street names might confuse the hell out of you.)

As for what you can get, real estate wise: "The housing stock, all on typically narrow 20- to 30-foot-wide lots, ranges from midcentury A-frame surf shacks (right now, there's a $2.3 million listing at 4161 Ocean Drive) to contemporary spreads (a $2.9 million residence on Ocean Drive put on the block by Warner Bros. executive vp/CFO Edward A. Romano)."
· A Mellower Beach Vibe Awaits Hollywood Players in Oxnard [THR]