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Little Tokyo's Third Street Getting Ped-Friendly Street Updates

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Another former redevelopment agency-backed street improvement project is back from the dead--this time it's the Little Tokyo Third Streetscape Improvements Project, which is now in the custody of the Bureau of Street Services. BSS and LADOT took control of the project and its $1 million grant after the state dissolved the Community Redevelopment Agency of LA as a result of the state's budget woes. Rafu Shimpo reports that the project includes a package of traffic calming measures and sidewalk improvements on Third Street between Alameda and San Pedro, including intersections at Alameda, Central, and San Pedro: "The main construction involves enhancing the curbs on the north side of Third Street at the three intersections to calm traffic and to reduce street-crossing distances for pedestrians. Development would also include new signs at crossings, featuring the neighborhood's signature decorative fan, such as those currently seen at Second Street and San Pedro. Small landscaping improvements along the sidewalks and streetlights at bus stations are planned as well." The project could also add benches and exercise equipment. The transfer of custody from the CRA/LA to other city agencies is similar to that of the MyFigueroa project, which will deliver the city's first separated cycle track between LA Live and Expo Park.