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10 Cheatingest LA 'Hoods Are Almost All West of the 405

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Fancy Westsiders love to cheat, or at least they love to do it online, according to cheating-facilitating website They've shared the "top 10 adulterous LA neighborhoods" with the HuffPo, and the 'hoods are overwhelmingly wealthy and west of the 405, or very close (a spokesman says "the more successful you are, the more prone to cheating you are," so yay for struggling actors and screenwriters!). LA as a whole didn't make the top 10 most cheatingest cities, but it has about 475,000 AM members. And here's the weirdest thing for this early bird city: most AM users in the US have their affairs between 9 am and 5 pm, but nearly half of Los Angeles users cheat between 5 pm and midnight.

1. Santa Monica (Also has the most cheaters who've been married for three years or less.)
2. Sherman Oaks
3. Brentwood (The sluttiest--Brentwood users have the highest number of affair partners each.)
4. Beverly Hills (Has the most "encounters" and the highest percentage of female users.)
5. Calabasas (The most monogamous cheaters--it has the lowest number of partners per user.)

6. Thousand Oaks
7. Malibu
8. Burbank
9. Van Nuys
10. Venice (Has the most single women seeking married men.)
· LA's Westside Cheats More Than Its Eastside, Says (PHOTOS) [HuffPo]