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Billy Haines and Tallulah Bankhead's Old Duplex in the Hills

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Sure, that Wallace Neff that passed through the hands of Madonna and Diane Keaton is nice and all, but we think we'd prefer living in a place where we might bump into the ghosts of Billy Haines or Tallulah Bankhead. And looks like we're in luck, as the 1926 duplex where Haines--the legendary interior designer whose clientele included Joan Crawford, Carole Lombard, Claudette Colbert, and Sidney and Frances Brody--once lived and worked, just happens to be available for lease once again. Located about a block away from Hollywood's Wattles Mansion, the duplex, which bad-girl actress Bankhead rented from Haines for a spell in the early 1930s, features four bedrooms, three and a half baths, two sitting rooms, two fireplaces, formal dining room, hardwood floors, crown molding, paneled walls, carved wood detailing, a garden, and courtyard patio. Monthly rent for the 4,312 square foot gated residence is $6,995. A couple years ago, just one side was renting for $3,995.
· 1712 N. STANLEY Ave [MLS]
· Former Hollywood Hills Home of Billy Haines, Tallulah Bankhead [Curbed LA]