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AECOM and Gensler Duke It Out For Top Architecture Earnings

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Architectural Record has a well-organized table listing US-based architecture firms in order of their revenue from architectural services in 2011. As the table shows, LA's architecture industry did quite well, relatively speaking, in a brutal market. And goodness, how much work is being billed overseas. For instance, LA's leading biller, AECOM (the designers of Downtown's new LAPD Headquarters), made $179.2 million oversees, as compared to $266.2 domestically. Totaled, that was good enough for the second spot on the list (behind only Gensler, which is based in San Francisco, but also has an office in Downtown LA). The news for AECOM is a little disappointing, however, because last year they topped the list, while Gensler came in second. Rounding out Southern California's representation in the top 50 are Jacobs in Pasadena at six, Stantec Inc. in Irvine at 17, HMC Architects in LA at 24, LPA Inc. in Irvine at 41, and WATG/Wimberly Interiors in Irvine at 49. Of course, many of the firms on the top 50, while not headquartered in LA, have offices in Southern California. The Architectural Billings Index--the industry's metric for tracking the amount of business it's doing--seemed to be improving until it recorded two straight months of drops in April and May. May's index was the lowest number it had hit in more than two years, according to Reuters.
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