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Caltech Pushes for Speedier East-West Bike Lanes in Pasadena

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Some of those brainy types at Caltech are asking Pasadena to speed up the 2011 Pasadena Bicycle Transportation Plan, specifically citing the need for the plan's proposed east-west bike lanes connecting Caltech with downtown Pasadena. According to the Pasadena Star-News, the Caltech Bike Lab, "a repair and ridership promotion group on campus," has already collected more than 500 signatures on a petition calling for east-west bike corridors on Cordova, Green, and Union Streets, along with a bike route along Del Mar Boulevard. The city's bike plan, "does lay out plans for more bike lanes throughout the city, including the ones called for in the petition," but funding for those projects is largely dependent on grants from Metro. One of those grants is expected to kick in by late 2013, making 2014 the earliest possible delivery date for the new lanes. Improvements can't come soon enough, however, for the Caltech Bike Lab. According to the petition: "Cordova Ave. west of Lake Ave. is still intimidating to cyclists," and, "Overall, Pasadena lacks good east-west routes for cyclists." The 2011 plan includes tables showing priorities for all of the proposed bikeway improvements--the Cordova Street bike lane, Union Street bike lane, and Del Mar Boulevard bike route are all listed as "top priority" projects. The Green Street bike lane is listed as a "medium priority" project. Before the 2011 update, Pasadena added 60 miles of lanes and bicycle routes under the 2000 version of the city's Bike Plan.
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