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LA's Levitating 340 Ton Boulder Starts Its 3,500 Year Run

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Artist Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass," which rests a 340 ton boulder on top of a 456 foot walk-through trench, opened yesterday in LACMA's backyard at Sixth and Fairfax, where it will stay for the next 3,500 years, until long after we are all dead and LACMA is in ruins (happy Monday!). The already-famous rock was blasted off a Riverside quarry wall back in 2007 and sat waiting for years until this spring, when it finally traveled 105 miles on an engineering feat of a transport, through four counties and 22 cities (with all kinds of accompanying permitting issues) to arrive 11 days later in the very early morning on the Miracle Mile. Word is that it's the largest or second largest thing ever moved by man. LACMA Director Michael Govan gave a great short speech yesterday about the work's meaning; hear some of that below in a video from County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. Meanwhile, confidential to Roland Emmerich: we have a great idea for a "LACMA rock dislodges and knocks down 'Urban Lights' like bowling pins" sequence for your next movie. Call us!

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