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Malibu Finally About to Get Its First Public Sewer System

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Malibu is gearing up to build its first public sewer system to serve the city's civic center, but it's calling on the help of the private sector to pay for it. Malibu Patch reports that the city is today expected to approve two key elements for the project: first is the creation of a Community Facilities District to generate revenue from local businesses to help pay for the design and environmental review on the sewer, and second is a $1.5 million contract to complete the aforementioned design and environmental review. Malibu is a little bit under the gun and hoping the CFD can help speed the project, which is required by 2015 under a 2011 Memorandum of Understanding between the State Regional Water Resources Control Board and the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the Los Angeles Region. The CFD will include commercial property owners within the civic center, which all face the mandates of a 2010 "civic center septic prohibition" by the State Water Board: "The prohibition area, which included some 500 properties, mandated that the owners cease discharge into their septic systems." Under phase one of the project, commercial properties within the prohibition must hook up to the sewer system by 2015. Residential properties, phase two of the project, must hook up by 2019. The city has already paid $2 million for the design of the project, with the possibility that the pricetag might raise to $6 million before all is designed and done. The sewer project will also connect to the controversial Whole Foods project at the corner of Civic Center Way and Cross Creek Road (the former site of Papa Jack's Skate Park), which some believe is only possible because of the sewer system.
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