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Palihouse Holloway Putting 8 Penthouses Up For Sale

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Now you can drop by the Palihouse Holloway and never ever leave--developer Paligroup is putting eight of the hotel's penthouse units up for sale. The units sit on the third floor with a separate entrance and parking from the hotel; they're all two stories and range from 1,195 to 1,875 square feet. Buyers will have the option of adding on guest privileges including concierge, laundry, and housekeeping, as well as "a blend of classic and contemporary furnishings and artwork as well as top-of-the line appliances," according to a press release. The residences opened as suites with the rest of the hotel in 2008, but Paligroup head Avi Brosh says "These units were originally built and designed with the intention for future sale." Sotheby's is repping the units and prices range from $795,000 to $1.395 million (all the pricing and HOAs are down below).

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