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US Supreme Court to Rule On Who's to Pay For LA River Mess

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Look at us getting attention from Washington DC! The Supreme Court has decided to cast its long arm of justice toward LA, agreeing to hear an appeal of a lower court's 2011 decision that found LA County responsible for the poor water quality of the LA and San Gabriel Rivers. According to a press release from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the NRDC and Santa Monica Baykeeper sued in 2008 "to hold the County responsible for documented violations of the Clean Water Act in the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers since 2003." The LA Times today provides the other side's point of view: the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, which manages the region's stormwater runoff, "has argued it is not to blame for the tainted runoff -- even if it were so polluted with oil and grease that it caught fire -- because it does not generate the pollutants," and, "The agency has said the thousands of miles of storm drains and flood channels it oversees are mere conduits for upstream polluters, including dozens of cities and industrial sites." In 2011, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the environmental groups with regard to the LA and San Gabriel Rivers, but threw out the county's culpability with regard to the Santa Clara River and Malibu Creek. Now it's SCOTUS's turn to decide who should be responsible for the toxic mess that has become of our region's watersheds.
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