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It's a Go For LA's First Solar Plant Big Enough For a Utility

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A permitting issue holding back LA County's first utility-scale solar plant has been resolved, clearing builder First Solar to continue with the project. The 230 megawatt solar plant, called the AV Solar Ranch, will be built on 2,100 acres in the Antelope Valley with enough capacity to power 75,000 homes (PG&E will buy the power from plant owner Exelon, shipping the electricity to users in Northern California when the project is complete). A code issue delayed the project, reports MarketWatch: "a county inspector refused to certify the electrical connectors for the solar panels." Dennis Hunter, Deputy Director of County Public Works told Bloomberg BusinessWeek that everything is now up to snuff: "Following our discussions, we are now confident in First Solar's ability to meet our health and safety requirements." The issue delayed the project since April, when the project cleared another set of hurdles: the environmental review process of the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning and post-Solyndra oversight at the Department of Energy.
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