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Here's What You Need to Know About the Rampture on the 405, Starting Tonight at 10

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Have you made peace with your traffic maker? The Rampture begins tonight at 10 pm and when it's all over, the Wilshire Boulevard 405 Freeway ramps will be a lot less dysfunctional. But until then, it's going to be Carmageddon but actually terrible for Westside drivers (both projects are part of the 405 widening). Over the next year, all eight of the ramps will close, but they'll take off in shifts (with to be determined closure dates). According to KPCC, LADOT estimates that 106,000 vehicles cross Wilshire and Sepulveda every day and they're all going to have to work around this mess. Here's what you need to know:

-- Closures start at 10 pm tonight.
-- The westbound Wilshire onramp to the 405 Northbound will be closed for the next 90 days.
-- The 405 Northbound offramp to Wilshire westbound will be closed for the next 90 days.
-- Demolition starts immediately after which construction begins for new flyover ramps. Crews will work 24 hours a day to finish up within the three months.
-- During demo of the ramps that cross Sepulveda (like the two they're starting with), Wilshire will be down to two lanes between Veteran and Federal.
-- According to KPCC, "drivers on Wilshire will be directed north on Sepulveda to the Moraga Drive onramp or south on Sepulveda Boulevard to the Santa Monica Boulevard onramp."
-- And anyone getting off the freeway "should use offramps at Santa Monica or Sunset boulevards."
-- UCLA will close its campus gates, so don't even think about cutting through there.
-- If you want to know just how inconvenienced you'll be, someone has put together a Rampture Calculator--select your direction on the freeway and the direction of your exit and it'll tell you how many days that option will be out of commission. Torture yourself!
-- A few words of advice from County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky (carpool!)

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