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No More Daytime Sitting or Letting Stuff Pile Up on Skid Row

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The dangerous detritus that litters Downtown's Skid Row--needles, human waste, etc.--was cleaned away this week by an armada of giant brooms, steam-washers, and people in hazmat suits. The LAPD is not ready to let the streets return to their former nasty selves and instead is using the neighborhood scrubdown as an opportunity to crack down on sidewalk violations, the Downtown News reports. Police are enforcing two laws, one that bans daytime sleeping and "street sitting," specifically between 6 am and 9 pm, and another that prohibits property from being left on sidewalks. Cops have been lax with enforcing the two laws since a US District Court authorized an injunction preventing the LAPD from seizing and destroying property left on Skid Row. Central Area Capt. Horace Frank told the DN: "But the injunction does not allow people to accumulate stuff or store it. It says that if you're going to take someone's property, you can't destroy it." Police have set up a storage facility at Temple and Alameda and increased space at another Downtown storage facility-- people have 90 days to pick up their items before they're destroyed. But city attorney Carmen Trutanich is wary of the crackdown, with assistant Jane Usher saying "We need to establish a relationship of trust with the residents of Skid Row."
· After Cleanup, LAPD to Enforce Sidewalk Rules [DN]