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Guesthouse on Two-Acre Artemesia Estate in Los Feliz Oaks

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Today's fracking of the Craigslist mine yields this posting for a "charming, historic one-bedroom guest house in the Hollywood Hills." Per the the description, the 600 square foot guest house features "high ceilings, a washer and dryer, claw foot tub, small outdoor patio and large roof deck." All nice enough qualities to be sure, but the actual selling point of this listing is its location (location location) "behind a historic mansion at the very end of a private road in a gated community." While the ad is coy about the mansion's exact whereabouts, a bit of Encyclopedia Brown-style detective work leads to a residence in the Los Feliz Oaks known as Artemesia. According to its page on California's Film Commission location site, the property, built in 1913, "is the largest Craftsman residence in the United States, with 15,000 square feet of interior space on two acres of wooded land." Now whether this rarefied locale is enough to justify a monthly rent of $1,995 (including utilities) is, of course, a matter of opinion.
· $1995 / 1br - Guest House (Hollywood Hills) [Craigslist]