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Arts District Residents Are Rich and They Want a Trader Joe's

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The Arts District Business Improvement District (Vincent Gallo's nemesis) has just commissioned the first-ever demographic study of the neighborhood (defined as 60 blocks bounded by Seventh Place, Alameda Street, the 101, and the LA River). Turns out the neighborhood is full of homeowners and dying for a Trader Joe's. The report looked at residents, visitors, business owners, and students in the neighborhood--it should be noted that the 286-person sample was self-selected (via internet survey). A press release for the study notes that it's "not intended as a census of all Arts District users but rather a survey of likely consumers." Here's what it found:

All of the respondents like Wurstkuche and TJ's:
-- More than 80 percent have a college degree or higher.
-- Annual average household incomes (self-reported) start at $23,000 (for students), but then jump to $91,000 for visitors (and then get higher).
-- They're mostly men (60 percent).
-- They're mostly white.
-- They're an average of 36 years old.
-- Most people visit to eat--it's the most engaged-in activity among all groups.
-- No surprise: everyone wants a grocery store. A quarter of people specifically called out Trader Joe's by name (natch); another 7 percent wanted Whole Foods.
-- They'd also like to see more retail stores and parks.

Current residents are doing juuuuust fine:
-- They've lived in the AD for about three years on average.
-- They're 60 percent men.
-- They're 71 percent white, 15 percent Asian-American.
-- They're an average of 38 years old.
-- They're 13 percent LGBT.
-- 53 percent are married or cohabiting.
-- Just 2 percent have kids at home.
-- 86 percent have a Bachelor's or higher.
-- 89 percent have full- or part-time employment.
-- They report average annual household income of $126,300.
-- 70 percent own, 24 percent rent.
-- About half use their homes as live/work spaces.

Visitors are middle-aged, single, white guys:
-- 47 percent come from other 'hoods Downtown, 49 percent come from elsewhere in LA County.
-- They average 49 years old.
-- Two-thirds are men.
-- 67 percent are Caucasian, 14 percent are Hispanic/Latino, 10 percent are Asian-American.
-- A full quarter are LGBT.
-- 54 percent are unattached.
-- 85 percent have a Bachelor's degree or higher.
· Downtown Los Angeles Arts District Demographic Study (pdf) [Arts District]