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1940s Cottage in Rustic Canyon With 2010 Roy McMakin-over

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Ah, if only instead of McMansions, the world was full of McMakins. Like this cheery cottage in lower Rustic Canyon, for instance. Originally built in 1946, the two-bedroom, one-bath bungalow was reworked by designer-artist Roy McMakin's Domestic Architecture firm in 2010. Per the listing, the revamped cottage features white oak floors, skylight turrets, a stone fireplace, and custom-designed furnishings. Located within walking distance of Will Rogers Beach, the 6,011 square foot property also contains a separate studio with white batten paneling, a fireplace, wine cabinet/cooling drawers, custom sofa, and entertainment center. Last sold in 2006 for $1.6 million, it's now asking $2.95 million.
· 338 East Rustic Road, Santa Monica [deasy/penner]