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Studio City's Dream Park-Adjacent River Site Getting Restored

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Good news keeps coming for the LA River, where both city and state officials are working to increase access while groups like the LA River Revitalization Corporation are work on making the waterway less depressing. KCET reports that now the California Department of Transportation has given Community Conservation Solutions $339,000 to work on an area of the river in Studio City: "The grant will restore native habitat by planting over 4,000 trees and shrubs between Coldwater Canyon and Whitsett boulevards." That's adjacent to the Weddington Golf & Tennis site, where a group called Save LA River Open Space is trying to create the Los Angeles River Natural Park--the actual owners of the land, however, would rather build condos. Mia Lehrer & Associates, big time champions of the river (they're working on Piggyback Yards, among other plans), designed the LA River Natural Park and have created concept plans for the now-funded habitat restoration next door. Work should start in nine to 12 months.
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