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Action at 10000 Santa Monica Blvd., Temp Replacement For Scandal-Plagued Assessor

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CENTURY CITY: We've received photos of some sort of work happening at 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, the site of a planned condo tower of up to 39 stories, and the one-time home of a proposed Jean Nouvel skyscraper. We can't confirm that work on the 283-unit building is indeed starting, but it looks like something's afoot. Fun fact: Beverly Hills officials are upset (read the comments) that this tower was entitled earlier this year, saying it conflicts with Metro's claim that a Purple Line station can't be built on Santa Monica Boulevard because of SMB fault lines (which the city and school district would prefer because it would avoid a tunnel under Bev Hills High). [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES COUNTY: Beaches and Harbors Director Santos Kreimann got a unanimous nod today from the LA County Board of Supervisors to lead, at least temporarily, the Office of the Assessor, according to a release from the Board and the Assessor's office. Kreimann, a longtime public employee, takes over for John Noguez, who *is currently on a leave of absence (not arrested!) following all kinds of shenanigans coming out of his office. Noguez is charged with 60 felony counts of falsifying accounts and records of homes; it's alleged he and his staff lowered property values, and thus taxes, in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and elsewhere in exchange for campaign contributions. [Curbed Inbox]