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Touring Space's Buff, Straub & Hensman Reno in San Marino

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This past Saturday, Dwell on Design held the first of three (three!) home tours, covering five houses on the eastishside of town. We've already seen Eel's Nest and the Sunia Home, both in Echo Park, so we'll be touring the other three all this week. (Stay tuned for photos from the prefab tour, held on Sunday.)

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

We don't want to gush, but it's pretty rare to find a lovely original house (say, by Case Study House architects Buff, Straub & Hensman) that's been cleverly updated (like by Space International), is occupied by owners with both taste and money (we hear one of them is in children's television), and has a killer setting (the hills of San Marino). But here it is in the Canon Residence, which started life in 1959 as the Thompson Mosley House. Space did "a mindful restoration of the original wood post and beam structure," but reconfigured the interior spaces--the house feels like it goes on forever and opens back onto a pool and adjacent studio/guest room.
· Canon Residence [Space International]