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Ducklings Visit the LEGO Hotel, New Expo Ridership Numbers

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We're cutting out a little early for a summer Friday. See you back here Monday!

CARLSBAD: ConstructionWatching plus baby ducks? Yes, please. Here is an adorable little family checking out the work going on at the LEGOLAND Hotel, which will have 250 rooms and open next summer. According to press materials, the hotel "will feature brightly colored, interactive LEGO décor, a pool and lounge area, patio, event space and buffet restaurant." See a mockup of a room below. [Curbed Inbox]

SOUTH LA: The latest (May) ridership numbers are in for the six week old Expo Line and it "carried 11,347 average weekday boardings, 9,000 on Saturdays and 7,000 for Sundays. In total, there were an estimated 320,627 boardings in May, the Expo Line’s first full month of service." Ridership was estimated at 9,000 on the line's first real day of service back in May. And two more stops (including the Culver City terminus) are coming online this week, so that should bump things up. [The Source]