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How Badass Norwegian Shipbuilders Helped Harry Gesner Build the Cahuenga Pass Boathouses

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Up above the Cahuenga Pass there's a cluster of little mid-century "boat houses" perched on the hillsides, all designed by Harry Gesner (the most interesting architect in the world). They're small but handsome and occasionally come on and off the market (or are rented out). Broker blogger Jimmy Bayan visited Gesner at his house in Malibu recently and asked him for the background (video below)--Gesner says a man named Ronald Buck asked him what he could do with a whole bunch of tiny lots he'd bought in the Hills that everyone said were unbuildable (he believes they're 25 feet wide). He says he "always took a challenge" and hired Norwegian shipbuilders to help craft the boathouses--clearly being very badass, they shaped the wood with handaxes rather than saws. In other videos, Gesner talks about his famous Wave House in Malibu (it's said to have inspired the Sydney Opera House) and his own house, Sand Castle (YouTube).

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