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10 Changes on the New City Council District Map

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The LA City Council yesterday voted to give preliminary approval to a new council district map (they sent the maps to the City Attorney to draft the official ordinance on the matter back in February). In response to the vote, the LA Times has an interactive map that lets users navigate to see how the district boundaries have changed. Each side-by-side map moves as you drag--just like Google Maps--and clicking on the map produces a pop up displaying the current and future councilmember. The gallery above locates some of the most notable changes, including controversial moves around Downtown and USC that have upset Councilmembers Perry and Parks, respectively. Koreatown stakeholders also don't like the proposed maps; they want Koreatown removed from Wesson's Council District 10 to increase the chance of Asian representation on the Council. The LAT also details the controversies and threat of lawsuits by the previously-mentioned opponents.
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