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Sneak Peek the Artwork at the Expo Line's Newest Rail Stations

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The Expo Line light rail opens its Dorsey High School-adjacent Farmdale station on Wednesday, and on the same day stretches the current line 0.7 miles west with the opening of the Culver City stop. The transit agency released a few pictures of the artwork for the two new stations (the general design for the at-grade Farmdale station and elevated Culver City station is the same as on the rest of the line). The Culver City station art, by Tom LaDuke, is called "Unknowable Origins" and looks a bit minimalist from Metro's provided photo, but the seating module art panels are described as "shapes [that] visually reverberate outward like rings on a tree, their outlines encircling icons from the city seal--a bear, a flower, a motion picture industry camera and the sun." There are apparently more murals of a Culver City vista and abstract depictions of Liz Taylor, Lucille Ball, Louis Armstrong, LA father Julian Dixon, and Culver City founder Harry Culver as well.

The Farmdale art, consisting of 24 glass mosaic panels and called "All in a Day," depict goings-on in the neighborhood, along with images of local leaders like artists Timothy Washington and LA Sentinel editor Libby Clark. Metro's public art policy allocates one half of one percent of project construction costs for art and the agency is already seeking artists for the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica.
· Expo Line's Culver City, Farmdale Stations Open June 20 [Curbed LA]