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Hippie Malibu House That's Been on Dynasty Asking $15 Million

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This house looks like a great place to practice your transcendental meditation with Dennis Wilson, which is just what we'd expect from something built in 1973 on the beach in Malibu (Dume Cove, to be precise). The six-bedroom, five-bathroom house has "Moroccan flourishes throughout, fireplace area with very unique stone work, dining room, all with amazing ocean views," and sits on more than an acre with 88 feet of bluff frontage and a pool to top it off. It was also featured, according to IMDb, on a 1985 episode of Dynasty called "The Californians," and on the show's California spin-off, The Colbys, which starred Charlton Heston and Barbara Stanwyck. Asking price is $15 million.
· 28980 CLIFFSIDE Dr [Redfin]