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The 405 Through the Westside is the Worst Commute in the US

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The traffic data crunchers at Inrix have released new numbers on the worst traffic in America and guess who's number one. Honolulu! Haha, suckers. But Los Angeles does have seven of the top 20 most congested corridors and number one this year (overtaking the Long Island Expressway) is the 405 Northbound from the 105 to Getty Center Drive. We know, you're slamming on your brakes in surprise as you read this on your smartphone from the gridlock near the UCLA exit. On average, the delay on this stretch was 20 minutes in 2011. And the absolute worst time to drive on this worst stretch, according to the Wall Street Journal, is 4 to 5 pm on Fridays. Here are the next six nastiest corridors in LA (and their Inrix ranks):

3. 10 Eastbound from Lincoln Boulevard to Alameda Street
5. 5 Southbound from Cesar Chavez Avenue to Valley View Avenue
7. 405 Southbound from Nordhoff Street to Mulholland Drive
12. 110 Northbound from the 10 to Stadium Way
16. 105 Eastbound from Nash Street to the 605
18. 10 Eastbound from City Terrace Drive to Baldwin Park Boulevard

Two words, people: take Sepulveda. Image via Lonnon Foster
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