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New Cali-Made Prefab Houses Tackle the Shipping Problem

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Two architect alums from the firm of prefab pioneer Marmol Radziner Prefab have joined forces and launched a new modular house line called Connect:Homes--Jared Levy and Gordon Stott hope to address the prefab price problem (the manufacturing never seems to scale) with a new approach to shipping. The houses' modules are almost completely built in the company's California factory and "designed to ship like shipping containers via truck, rail, or sea" (but they are not actually shipping containers--important difference with what an architect like Peter DeMaria does). The company has eight designs (plus a custom option), ranging from one-bedroom, one-story, and 640 square feet to four-bedroom, two-story, 2,560 square feet. And of course they all come designed to achieve LEED Silver status. Price start at $145 per square foot after delivery or $165 per square foot after installation. Connect:Homes will debut a prototype at the Dwell on Design conference next weekend; the house will then be moved to West LA, where it'll be open to the public all summer. Meanwhile, enjoy some renderings.
· Connect:Homes [Official Site]