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Anaheim to Test Out This Bike Share Thing Ahead of LA

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As soon as June 23, Bike Nation will open a bike sharing program that will bring 100 bikes to at least five locations around Anaheim. The OC Register reports that prospective Bike Nation locations include Angel Stadium, the Anaheim Civic Center, and the Anaheim Convention Center--all publicly-owned properties (Plus, "Negotiations are underway for additional kiosks, on private property such as Anaheim GardenWalk and hotels near Disneyland."). Bike Nation is the same company that will launch a huge bike share program in Los Angeles, and it's a local business: cofounders and OC residents Navin Narang and Brad Barlow run the company from Tustin. Bike Nation is sinking $1.6 million into the Anaheim program, with the city only contributing the use of the land.

OCR also offers few more helpful details about how the Bike Nation program works:

-- "Riders must be 18 because, as of now, no helmets are supplied (and state law requires minors to wear helmets.)"

-- The costs of membership: $6 a day to $75 a year.

-- "Users pay a fee on top of the membership fee: The first 30 minutes are free; 30 to 60 minutes costs $1.50; 61 to 90 minutes, $4.50; and $6 for each additional 30 minutes."

-- The bikes feature "Airless, solid tires to prevent flats and lower maintenance costs."

-- Bikes will have a step-through frame "to make riding easy for males or females."
Frames will fit people "4-feet, 10-inches tall up to 6-feet-10-inches tall."

--The bikes will include three gears and hand brakes, so at least we know where Bike Nation comes down on the great fixie debate.
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