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Good News For Marriott: SaMo Flying Car Site Not Landmarked

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For all those hoping to see some hotel development near the future SaMo Expo Line station at Fourth and Colorado, don't worry, a Midas will likely not get in the way. The Santa Monica Daily Press reports that landmark status was denied to the structure currently housing the muffler business and an auto body shop, which once served as the breeding ground for Waldo Waterman's flying car (i.e., an inexpensive, small plane). For a few years in the 1930s, Waterman designed and manufactured his Arrowbile plane inside the small structure. An effort to landmark the building was denied by the Landmark Commission on Monday, both because the building has been altered too significantly since Waterman's days and because he only produced six of the planes (financial problems) and didn't make much of a dent in the history of aviation. The news is good for Marriott, which is planning a $30 million Courtyard hotel at the Midas site and likely couldn't develop the project if it were landmarked. Don't worry, Waterman still has a Van Nuys street named after him.
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