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Brad Grey Selling Frank Sinatra House as a Teardown?, Million Dollar Listing Broker Shuffle

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HOLMBY HILLS: This seems like bad form: Paramount head Brad Grey bought Frank Sinatra's old estate in Holmby Hills for $18.5 million, had an elaborate wedding there, decamped for Bel Air, put the house back on the market for $23.5 million, told the press it needed a remodel, chopped it to $19.995 million, and now appears to be selling it as a teardown. The latest listing for the house shows only the property (no house) and says: "Build an amazing estate in a neighborhood of incomparable homes ? If you have a buyer that wants gorgeous land in the best location in Los Angeles, please contact me." It is more than two acres, so maybe it's suggesting building an extra house. [Redfin]

BEVERLY HILLS: Serious Million Dollar Listing dramz, people: Madison's gal friday Heather Bilyeu has officially jumped ship and joined up with Matt Damon film/brokerage firm The Agency. President Billy Rose had some pretty big damn words about it: "I get a sense of what Phil Jackson must have felt when the Lakers traded for Kobe." And Heather already has her first listing at her new home--that fine Pearson & Rawdon in the Cahuenga Pass. [Curbed Inbox]