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DTLA in Volgograd, March Against Chinatown Walmart

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RUSSIA: A reader happened to be in a woman's clothing store in Volgograd, Russia (of course) and spotted these images of Downtown LA. Thank you to Russia for not being all "New York, New York, New York." [Curbed Inbox]

CHINATOWN: The Walmart grocery store planned for Chinatown is still the most unpopular kid in school. After the retailer was able to nab permits before a new city ordinance could hamper, an appeal was filed against the store, and now a march is planned, according to the AFL-CIO's Twitter page. The march is planned for June 30 in Chinatown, but a press conference near the planned store at Grand and Cesar Chavez happens Wednesday at 1 pm. Not only will union leaders be there, but also Congresswoman Judy Chu and neighborhood residents. [Twitter]