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Take a Look at Your New Union Station Bike Lanes

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The city worked over the weekend to quickly deliver the first of the new bike facilities in the Downtown Bike Network--all very much according to plans announced at the end of May. The first completed bike lanes extend for one and a half miles along Los Angeles Street from First Street to Alameda Street--that includes a terminus right on the doorstep of Union Station. Imagine the possibilities for safely biking to the subway, commuter rail, or bus! In addition to documenting the multi-modal glory outside of Union Station, the BIKAS blog also has photos of the progress on some of the other new bike lanes included in the in-progress Downtown Bike Network. Expected very soon are lanes on First Street (there are pictures of initial striping work done on that street) and on Main Street. The comment boards on the BIKAS post also indicate that work is continuing on First Street this week, which means they should be done very soon.

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