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Can the Port's New Craft Market Draw Shoppers to San Pedro?

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Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, the San Pedro craft market brought to you by the Bergamot Station people, is going gangbusters in the planning stages leading up to opening, reports the LA Business Journal (sub. req.). Bergamot is renovating two World War II-era warehouses to house Friday, Saturday, and Sunday markets, and they're already "at near capacity with more than 100 vendors for its first phase. Four more phases will follow in the next 18 to 24 months, eventually filling 500 total spaces." Vendors have to apply to sign six month leases--those are $500 a month for 100 square foot spaces. So while lease-ups are good, vendors are still a little nervous that anyone is going to hike to the Port of LA to go craft shopping (500,000 people are expected to visit every year based on attendance at other craft fairs). On the optimism side, the USS Iowa battleship museum opens in early July, which could help draw some crowds to Crafted. The market opens on June 29.
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