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Silver Lake Reservoir Could Be Emptied For a Year and a Half

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Which would you prefer, Silver Lake? A dig for a mile-long tunnel or an empty Silver Lake Reservoir? The LADWP is working on replacing the SL and Ivanhoe Reservoirs (to meet new federal guidelines) and has to create a new pipeline for the project; according to Eastsider LA, they'd intended to dig a tunnel under Redesdale Avenue, which would also require them to dig up the Grassy Knoll by the Silver Lake Rec Center. However, "after facing intense neighborhood criticism over noise, dust and traffic detours, DWP engineers looked at alternatives that would be less disruptive to residents and motorists." So now they have a new proposal that would lay a 66 inch wide pipeline along the bed of the Silver Lake Reservoir, which would mean emptying the lake out for a year and a half. DWP is still working on finalizing the plan and it has to be cleared with county health officials since it involves drinking water. The plug was just pulled on the SLR back in 2008, when its water was found to be full of cancer.
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Silver Lake Reservoir

1850 W Silver Lake Dr, , CA 90039