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Superproducer Joel Silver Buying, Saving Venice Post Office

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The USPS is shutting down operations at its Venice Post Office on Windward Circle, but the 1939 building has a savior all in place: preservationist, film producer (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Matrix), and Ultimate Frisbee co-inventor Joel Silver, who has signed papers and is just waiting on the USPS to finalize things. According to Yo! Venice!, "Silver told the Venice Neighborhood Council that if he were able to purchase the building he would keep the facade and artist Edward Biberman’s 'Story of Venice' mural, but convert it to offices for his production company and add a screening room" (more on that 70 year old mural here). He's even said he's willing to sign "a binding covenant that would be attached to the property’s deed that will bind Silver and all successors to preserve the building and the 'Story of Venice' mural in its historic condition and guaranteeing public access to the building’s foyer and the mural." Silver is a bangup preservationist--back in the eighties, he put blood, sweat, and tears into restoring the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Storer House on the western end of Hollywood Boulevard.
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Venice Post Office

1601 Main St., Los Angeles, CA