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Long Beach's Icky Colorado Lagoon Getting All Cleaned Up

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Phase II of an ongoing project to restore the previously gross Colorado Lagoon recreation area in Long Beach is moving along smoothly. The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that by July contractors will have moved about 59,000 cubic yards of sediment to the port. Phase I, finished in November 2010, decreased litter at the 13 acre lagoon via upgrades around the lagoon and a nearby golf course: "The low-flow diversion of urban runoff to redirect it into the sanitary sewer system; installation of trash-traps to prevent debris from entering the lagoon from the three remaining major storm drain outlets; and cleaning the culvert to improve tidal circulation in the lagoon; and install a graded channel with plants to help naturally filter golf-course runoff." The next phase of the restoration project will construct an open channel to replace the underground drain to Marine Stadium. However, that project has yet to seek funding for design or construction.

If you're curious to learn more about the Colorado Lagoon and past as part of the historical Los Cerritos wetlands--which once totaled more than 2,400 acres of San Gabriel River delta--check out the video below, produced by the Friends of the Colorado Lagoon (the 1932 United States Olympic trials hosted diving and swimming events at the lagoon!). The rendering above, via Colorado Lagoon Happenings, is from August 2011 public hearings on the restoration project

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