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Gold Doorknob Sunset Megamansion Sells For $34.5 Million

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Hey brokers, want to sell an insanely over the top, gold-doorknobbed, gold-shower fixtured, hand-cut stone bedecked megamansion on Sunset Boulevard? Perhaps look to China. The Wall Street Journal reports that a Chinese couple have just picked up 9577 Sunset Blvd. (escrow closed yesterday); the house has sat on the market since going up for sale in June 2010. It was built by real estate investor C. Frederick Wehba, before he decided it was a bit over the top for his tastes, and is said to have cost at least $40 million to build. Besides all the very heavy-sounding blunt instruments, the 36,000 square foot house comes with nine bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, a tennis court, a pool pavilion, and nearly two acres. First listed at $68.5 million and most recently at $49.5 million, it's just sold for $34.5 million. This would appear to set a record for the year so far.
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