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Touring W3 Architects's Green-Roofed Palleschi-Hart House

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Home tour season is on its way out, but this past weekend we were back on the Westside for the AIA/LA's second spring tour, Palisades to Brentwood. We visited three of the four houses on display and will be showing them off to you all week. Let's get to it!

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The Palleschi-Hart Residence, designed by Warren W. Wagner of W3 Architects, is centered around a big great room and killer raised library, with a "pavilion like family wing" stretching off to the side. The whole thing is passively powered, with a photovoltaic array, an active solar thermal water heating system (which powers the radiant heating and pool), and an eight foor high thermal earth berm. The whole thing is topped off with a very pleasant-looking, 2,500 square foot green roof (we weren't allowed on it!).
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