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Modern-Loving Grandma Bought Silver Lake's Gorgeous Allyn Morris Home and Studio

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The New York Times has one of the heartwarmingest tales of pedigreed private homebuying we've heard in a long time, about the Silver Lake home and studio of underrated architect Allyn Morris. The house came on the market last June and sold in July--to an 84 year lifelong modern lover who had nevertheless spent 51 years in a 1920s Tudor (she and her husband couldn't afford a Case Study House back in the fifties). Here's the Times: "Even as a schoolgirl in Los Angeles, Patricia Marks daydreamed about modern architecture. She doodled floor plans and remembers watching, spellbound, the construction of her new junior high school by Richard Neutra." When the Morris house came on the market, she visited during an open house and that night wrote her daughter an email: "Here is the most modern of modern houses I’ve ever seen and loved?I guess you can’t expect to have too many dreams answered?At least, I’ve had the opportunity to see the Morris House, to know it existed."

Marks's husband died in 2008 and she wanted to move out of the Tudor, but hadn't found a good alternative. So last year her daughter and son-in-law offered to help her buy the Morris, even if the hand-operated rear facade and circular stairway were a bit octogenarian-unfriendly. Their bid was helped along by a letter of recommendation from Marks's high school classmate, Howard Morris (Allyn's son), and they nabbed the house for $700,000, according to Redfin. Now, says the Times, "The coffee table she built in the 1950s matches the blue mosaics. Her aqua midcentury dishes and her red Prius echo the building’s palette. The Saarinen chairs that never suited her old home fit in here." Awww.
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