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Lincoln Place Tenants Finally Go Home, Choo on Selling LA

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VENICE: A tipster tells us that tenants have started moving back into the Lincoln Place apartments in Venice. Following a years-long legal battle, developer AIMCO was found to have illegally evicted the tenants and a deal was finally reached in 2010 for the "largest ever restoration of rent-stabilized housing to the city's rental market." Sounds like everyone's finally going back home now, and to freshly renovated apartments. [Curbed Inbox]

TVLAND: Here's a little Selling LA tidbit for those of you dying in anticipation for the next season (haha, just kidding!)--on his YouTube page, Golden Triangle broker Christophe Choo has announced to the world that he will be a regular cast member on season three and that they're shooting now. [YouTube, via Curbed Inbox]

Lincoln Place

1077 Elkgrove Ave., Los Angeles, CA