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Touring William Hefner's Chautauqua Residence By Will Rogers

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Home tour season is on its way out, but this past weekend we were back on the Westside for the AIA/LA's second spring tour, Palisades to Brentwood. We visited three of the four houses on display and will be showing them off to you all week. Let's get to it!

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The Chautauqua Residence, designed by William Hefner, looks out over a killer expanse of Will Rogers State Park, and Hefner told the AIA/LA that "The canyon and the views from the site absolutely determined the floor plan, the layout of rooms and their exact orientation on the site." From the entryway, the house leads right into the great room and out to an infinity pool to the edge of the site. The house wraps around the yard and pool on a double lot, with "secondary bedrooms" along the street side.
· Studio William Hefner [Official Site]