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750 Foot Venice Boardwalk Zipline Could Open in July

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A few weeks ago, plans for a massive 200 foot ferris wheel on Ocean Front Walk in Venice ground to a halt, with talk of a zipline along the Boardwalk taking their place. Yesterday, Yo! Venice! posted details of that new plan, which would allow zipline company Greenheart to build a 750 foot "FlightLinez attraction" extending the length of Venice Beach Park, roughly from the skate park in the north to the basketball courts to the south. The proposed zipline (pdf available here) would require a concession agreement between Greenheart and the city of Los Angeles--the Department of Rec and Parks is overseeing the project. Greenheart/FlightLinez's past operations include an installation at Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, which was successful enough to provoke a letter of support from the mayor of Las Vegas in the Venice proposal. The Visitor Impact Committee of the Venice Neighborhood Committee will consider the proposal today, with a target of July for an opening.
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